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My Background

Experienced Project Manager with 25 years of progressive experience managing very large and complex technology projects including over 10 years in justice data sharing projects. Nearly 7 years of law enforcement experience, including serving 6 years as a Police Officer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Served as a Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, Defensive Tactics Instructor and Arrest Team Member for large demonstrations and protests.

Skilled in Project Management, Consulting, Training, Facilitation, Coaching/Mentoring, Sales, and Team Building.

Education includes a Masters in Public Administration from National University and a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from California State University, Hayward.

Brian is a highly organized leader who brings good ideas to the table and keeps projects on track. Brian was effective at facilitating discussions between challenging technical personalities and was often able to find common ground enabling progress to be made.

– Kevin Paltzer, IT Supervisor at Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department


Sacramento County Probation Department

Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) Deployment


  • In collaboration with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, deployed 84 MDTs for over 160 Armed Field Probation Officers.
  • Developed comprehensive User Guide which was accessible to users via the MDT.
  • Established comprehensive end user training program (5 hours of training) & on-going users group.
  • Developed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) including the scope of services and a detailed cost menu.
  • October, 2019 – developed presentation slides and served as a conference speaker in sharing about this project to an audience of 400 plus justice professionals from 70 law enforcement agencies throughout North America at a justice technology conference in Arizona.

Sacramento County Probation Department

Field Training Officer Program Revision


  • Analyzed, revised and improved overall program including training curriculum, communication strategies and added support documentation, forms, and quizzes.
  • Developed PowerPoint Executive Summary regarding recommended program revisions. Presented initial recommendations to Department Field Training Officers and Probation Supervisors for field staff for feedback. Final recommendations were then provided to Probation Executive Management. Program was implemented as proposed.

Sacramento County Integrated Justice Information System (IJIS) 



  • Established a shared IJIS database that the 12 Justice Stakeholder Organizations in Sacramento County use for ad-hoc reporting and scheduled reports. Database includes Known Persons File, Warrants, Court Scheduling and Dispositions, and Jail Inmate Management.
  • Managed movement of all mainframe criminal justice data to the IJIS Database running on SQL server in order to enable stakeholders to run their own reports instead of having to request this service through central County IT.
  • Replicated data to select Stakeholder organization systems based on security views which they utilize to run their case management systems in conjunction with the IJIS data to meet their operational business needs.

Sacramento County Integrated Justice Information System (IJIS) Program

Strategic Plan


Served as an internal consultant to develop and implement a comprehensive justice and information sharing strategic plan on behalf of 12 Justice stakeholders. 820 key processes and 109 categories of information (technically known as “data entities”) were initially identified to be within the scope of the adult and juvenile criminal justice system. 

  • Each of the 247 key criminal justice processes (i.e., make arrest, perform booking, file charge, resolve charge, etc.) were analyzed to determine the frequency each process created, read, updated, or delated certain information (Data Entity).
  • Documented business process flow mapping of over 820 business processes related to criminal justice administration that was performed by the various justice stakeholders.
  • Performed Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) analysis of the core 240 business processes performed by the collective stakeholders in relation to the 110 data entities in the current mainframe County criminal justice system to identify data sharing opportunities and data redundancy issues.


Brian Richards Presenting on the Probation MDT Project at a Justice Technology Conference, October 2019

“I worked with Brian when he served as the Project Manager for a large project in collaboration with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department to deploy 84 Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) for 160 armed Probation Officers. Prior to implementing the MDTs, our Officers only had radio communications available to them. Brian’s ability to collaboratively manage a multi-agency project and communicate effectively with all the parties involved greatly assisted in making this a successful project. He also possessed the experience to add deliverables to the project scope (i.e., comprehensive User Guide, additional training curriculum & establishing a User’s Group) to ensure the project was a success.”

– Brad Marietti, Assistant Probation Division Chief, Sacramento County Probation Department


Sacramento County
Project Manager


Over 25 years of Project Management experience for large and complex community-wide, county-wide, and department-wide projects. This includes:

  • 10 years of managing large scale Justice IT Projects.
  • County-wide Sacramento County Employee Giving Campaign raising over $340K in charitable donations earning Rookie of the Year Award from Community Charities of California.
  • County-wide Budget System Replacement & Publishing System Project (implemented to replace antiquated budget system and publishing process) – Used by all County Departments to produce the Annual Budget for Board of Supervisors review and adoption.  
  • County-wide implementation of Grant Street – Payment Express. Managed RFP process and selection of vendor. Implemented solution with over 20 County Departments that process credit card payments.
  • County-wide Statement of Economic Interest / Form 700 Project for employees (2,300), Boards and Commissions (67) and Special Districts (112). Managed this project to reduce the number of required filers, updated applicable conflict of interest codes, and provided training to Filing Officials from each agency.

Sacramento County Probation Department
Justice Project Manager / Consultant


Served as an internal consultant and managed department wide projects including the Mobile Data Terminal Deployment Project and the Field Training Officer Program Revision effort.

Sacramento County Integrated Justice Information System (IJIS) Program & associated projects


  • Served as an internal consultant to develop and implement a comprehensive justice and information sharing strategic plan on behalf of 12 Justice stakeholders.
  • Managed various integrated justice projects that were prioritized and approved by executive management representing the stakeholder organizations.
  • Organized and led efforts to apply for justice Grants and Federal Earmarks including presenting our program to local staff members of a U.S. Congress Representative and U.S. Senator.
  • Developed and conducted numerous justice related executive presentations and served as a presenter at various justice related conferences throughout the United States.
  • Served on a national board (JISP) sponsored by U.S. DOJ for nearly 2 years including serving 1 year as Chairman of the Board.
  • Developed and conducted an extensive integrated justice benchmarking study of 19 jurisdictions across the United States that was published by the National Center for State Courts.

Sacramento County
Strategic Planning


Over 10 years strategic planning experience:

  • Served a one year on-loan assignment to CEO’s Office to serve as an internal consultant for the County-wide strategic planning effort.
  • Designed, conducted and managed the training of County Strategic Task Teams.
  • Facilitated various County Teams and Department Head meetings.
  • Managed the development of comprehensive strategic plans for Integrated Justice Information Sharing Program and Sacramento County and Cities Board on Homelessness.
  • Served as an external consultant to facilitate the development of Strategic Plans for Sacramento County Coroner’s Office.

Law Enforcement


  • Nearly 7 years law enforcement experience including 6 years as a sworn Peace Officer with the Alameda Police Department and U.C. Berkeley Police Department and 1 year as a Police Assistant with the Hayward Police Department.
  • Served as a Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer (FTO), and Defensive Tactics Instructor.
  • Served on a highly trained Arrest Team utilized for major demonstrations.
  • Worked executive protection details for visiting dignitaries such as the U.S. Secretary of State, President of the Philippines; and California Governor.


28 Years collective experience

Over 28 years of training experience including designing and conducting various formal training sessions in areas such as Project Management, Strategic Planning, Team Facilitation, Process Improvement Team Training, and Cultural Change Team Training.

  • Formally trained and mentored numerous Trainers and Facilitators at Sacramento County.
  • Served over 3.5 years as a Field Training Officer and Defensive Tactics Instructor.      

On several occasions I had the privilege of working with Brian when he held responsibilities as Project Manager for several large enterprise projects. Brian’s diligence, communication style, and attention to detail was vital to the successful completion of the projects.

– Tom Benton, Former IT Manager Sacramento County


Toastmasters International

Member of Toastmasters for 13 Years. Earned the Distinguished Toastmasters Award in 2014. Chartered and mentored a new prison based club for over 2 years at California State Prison – Solano for long-term inmates. Won or placed in 14 Toastmaster competitions.

Church Security Team

Oversee the Church Security Program, provide on-going instruction for the team including related policies, procedures, and applicable laws, defensive tactics & scenario based training. Provide consultation to other local Churches as requested to help them in developing their Security Program.

  • HighRidge Church Security lead beginning in January 2022 – Present
  • Mosaic Christian Church Security Team member for over 6 years including one year as a Team Lead through December 2021.

“For over a year, I worked with Brian on a law enforcement technology project that was an incredible success. In a collaborative effort with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, Brian served as the Project Manager for the Probation Department to implement Mobile Data Terminals for armed field Probation Officers. Brian’s passion for Law Enforcement/Justice shows in every aspect of his work. Where others couldn’t see the “Big Picture”, Brian’s understanding and insight were invaluable. His law enforcement experience and communication skills were critical components of the project’s success.”

– Anthony Cathey, Communications/Technology Administrator at Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department

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